Why work with Cratus?
Cratus offers you the opportunity of a challenging yet personally rewarding career. You are instantly met by a genuine feeling of a close-knit community between everyone who works here. You can be part of a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere which will make you proud to call yourself a Cratus employee. Your personal safety is also hugely important to us, and we take every measure possible to ensure this. Each successful candidate will be provided with a training program.

What does it take to work for Cratus?
Successful applicants of Cratus will possess an array of skills and talents. What is most important is that you are a team player. We need you to be passionate about what you do, but also willing to listen to both fellow employees and clients. We look forward to introducing honest, hard-working professionals in the future.

What kind of projects do Cratus work on?
There really is no limit to the opportunities given to those who work for Cratus. Be it office work or out on the field, there is a whole host of job opportunities for everyone. With the wide variety of services we offer, you could be working on anything from installing trenchless pipelines, to constructing airport runways, or even installing irrigation drainage devices.